Petroecuador selects Siemens industrial gas turbine to power Shushufindi refinery

Petroecuador selects Siemens industrial gas turbine to power Shushufindi refinery


The SGT-300 turbine will replace a Ruston gas turbine. The Ruston Gas Turbines Company, which became part of Siemens with the acquisition of the industrial turbine business of Alstom in 2003, was a pioneer in the industrial application of small heavy-duty gas turbines from the 1950s onwards and introduced today’s cutting-edge dry low emissions (DLE) combustion technology to the market in the mid-1990s. The industrial gas turbine for the Shushufindi refinery will be manufactured in Siemens’ Lincoln, UK factory (formerly the Ruston Gas Turbines Company), and will be packaged and tested at the company’s facility in Houston, TX, USA.

The SGT-300 turbine is a robust, proven gas turbine used in power generation applications throughout the world. It’s most renowned for its use in the oil and gas industry because of its compact arrangement, easy on-site maintainability, and reliability. These features, in addition to the long-standing relationship with the Ruston heritage OEMs, were attractive features in Petroecuador’s decision to purchase Siemens SGT-300 turbine.

According to Matthew Chinn, Executive Vice President of New Equipment Solutions Worldwide for Siemens, “Petroecuador wanted to continue with the same OEM technology at the refinery and has been pleased with our 30+ year relationship since the Ruston turbine was installed in 1984. Replacing the turbine with the SGT-300 unit was a logical choice given its high efficiency levels and innovative DLE combustion system.”

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